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Already have a wallet and want to donate?

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Strike | Bitcoin | Lightning

Step 1: Get Free Sats

  1. Download and sign up for Strike for free using our referral link here.
    (Note: Strike is currently only available in the U.S., El Salvador, and Argentina)
  2. You and Clementine Money will each receive $10 from Strike.
  3. You can then buy sats on Strike or send the $10 to any lightning wallet.

Now you have bitcoin!

Step 2: Get a Free Bitcoin/Lightning Wallet

  1. Download a free wallet on your phone. Below are two popular options that support both bitcoin and lightning:
  2. Follow the app's instructions after downloading. You will be asked to write down your 12 - 24 word private key on a piece of paper which should be kept completely offline and secret at all times.
  3. Use your wallet to scan QR codes and send/receive sats!

Step 3: Contribute

Want to contribute a different way? See below for some other donation options!



  • Scan QR code or copy address below to send bitcoin:


Bitcoin QR code from Blue Wallet


  • Scan QR code or copy address below to send bitcoin:


Lightning QR code from LNURL
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  • Scan the QR code below or send funds to our stacker.news address below:

Lightning address: ⚡clementinemoney@stacker.news

Lightning QR code from Stacker News



  • Send funds to our fountain.fm address below:

Lightning address: ⚡clementinemoney@fountain.fm

Bitcoin Difficulty Adjustment